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We all head to the gym every single day in order to keep our body in shape but sometimes we forget the right things to wear, and by right we don’t necessarily mean fashion. Wearing the right clothes while working may just enhance your performance while working out and obviously there’s no harm in looking good while working out when you’re trying so hard to look good on the inside.

So, we look at a few essential items you need to carry/wear while going to strengthen your body.

  1. One good Hoodie

One good Hoodie

Anyone who works out regularly knows how important it is to keep your body warmed up before you start working out. Those of you don’t know this, well, let’s say we just gave you a huge tip to start with.

Also, you don’t necessarily need to buy a fancy jacket to do what a good warm hoodie would do. Sounds old school but very efficient.

  1. A T-Shirt

T shirt

Once the hoodie is off, you need to have something underneath and nothing better than a nice t-shirt to cover your upper body. Again, simple but very useful and easy to find. Also, not worth mentioning how cheap a t-shirt can be.


  1. Shorts/Track Pants

Shorts Track Pants

Done with the hoodie to keep you warm, done with the t-shirt to cover your upper body when the hoodie is off. So that leaves the biggest muscle of your body to cover.

You can cover your legs the way you want. Some prefer shorts, some prefer nice track pants while some also go for tights. Either ways, chose well and do not miss out on leg day, DO NOT.

  1. Socks


As we come down, we reach yet another important part. We would come to your shoes soon but what comes before pulling on a nice pair of shoes is to pull on a nice pair of socks.

You won’t want to show off those socks and keep it locked in your shoes. Prefer the ankle lengths to look a bit extra cool.

  1. Technical shoes

Technical shoes

Most of us commit the mistake of wearing those running shoes to work out. What we forget that we aren’t going to the gymnasium simply to run. Instead, a woven, technical basketball shoe will suffice. Reason being their weight.

You would need light shoes to improve your performance and they provide better support while lifting weights. Need more reasons?

  1. Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is not a waste of money or space on your arms. It measures your heartbeat, keeps a track of your calories. It helps you know how your body responds to the amount of effort you put in.

So, once you’re done working out, this will tell you how much you actually worked out and any smart guy would like to see an improvement each and every day.

  1. Good earphones

Good earphones

Most of the gymnasiums offer good m

usic to workout with but sometimes you need to have your own playlist for that extra motivation or maybe some privacy.

We can’t advice you on the playlist but what we can advice you is to carry a nice pair of earphones.

  1. Shower shoes

Shower shoes

Public showers call for slides and some of those offered by Nike and Adidas are so good looking you would not want to take them off once you’re out of the shower.

Go wear them home after working out and let your feet breathe after a couple of hours of intense workout.

  1. A bag


You won’t want to carry your shoes, your sweaty t-shirt and shorts in your hands to your home. Neither would you carry your fresh clothes from home just like that. You get the point, carry a nice bag to keep your stuff.

  1. Towel/s


Last but not the least, please carry a hand towel and a towel if your plan to take a shower in the gym before heading home. What you should remember that you would sweat while working out, not hard to remember I guess.

So carry a good hand towel to wipe off your sweat and another to wipe you dry after the shower.


Happy workout, folks!

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