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A ‘Brief’ Guide of Top 10 Amazing Men’s Underwear

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Of all the things we men put on our body, for some reason we are quite choosy about our underwear, even though this being the part of the clothing which isn’t visible. Having said that, we have all rights to be choosy about them as they define our comfort level.
So, here are a few underwear, handpicked for you to increase that comfort level.

1. 2(X)IST Men’s Boxer Briefs

If you’re one of those who like briefs over trunks and boxers then here’s your thing. Not only would they keep you dry and sweat free but also free from all the irritation that might come along with readjusting.
2. Calvin Klein Cotton Boxer Brief


Alert: This would make you look good and you might be talked about for the all the right reasons should you ever have to take your pants off.
3. Diesel Boxer
Studded on the waistband with all the right details and keeps your stuff at the right place. One must have at least one of these.
4. H&M 2-Pack Boxer Shorts
Easy on your pocket, easy on your waist. Just a perfect combo in all sorts and not just the quantity.

5. Lacoste Brief
We’ve all had those lacoste polos which make us look cool and feel comfortable. Now imagine yourselves feeling the same things by wearing an underwear. Sounds weird but you won’t feel that way once it’s on you. Try It.

6. Levi’s Briefs
Not only a jeans brand. Their underwear’s are top notch as well. These would hug your waist like many won’t, and we’re not talking just underwear’s.

7. Mack Weldon Trunk
It’s not cool to show off the edges of your underwear when your top gets lifted, thus this well designed underwear with wedgie-proof elastic bands around the legs which would prevent them from riding up and stay where they are supposed to be.

8. NAKED Briefs
Woven with natural fivers, this piece would never soak up your stink, the fibres won’t wear down and would give you the comfort you desire. What else?

9. Richer Poorer Stellar Brief


If you want yourself and your underwear to get spotted then try these diamond shaped spots with the right amount of spandex to hold them tight and right color to contrast with.

10. Saxx Vibe Boxer
Considered to be The Best Underwear ever, this piece is a peach on the eye and on the waist. Depends whose eyes they are but still, peach. Holds itself in place and the touch and the comfort that comes along with the fabric might make some parts of your body jealous of the others.

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